Friday, December 30, 2011

MW3 Emblems–get you some more!

I’m back – just like I said I’d be back – and here’s dem goodies I promised.  (For those of you that missed it, before there was this page, there was a Titles Post.)  As of right meow (12/30/2011), this grouping is only missing 25 emblems.  25.  Out of 350.  12 of which I’m pretty sure are Clan-related, and can’t be sure of where they go – or what you have to do to get them.  This leaves 13.  Of those 13, I’m just waiting on images for the Stun Grenade (258), Flash Grenade (257), Smoke Grenade (259), EMP Grenade (260), Portable Radar (264), Trophy System (262), Scrambler (261), and Tactical Insertion (263).

Yeah.  That’s how close this thing is to being complete.  Anyone else got that?  Nope.  I checked*.  Not even the Modern Warfare 3 Emblems Wiki.  Though, it is the next closest. You know…the official MW3 wiki is the next closest to mine.  I don’t know if you can feel this dastardly grin on my face from where you’re sitting…but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could!
Onward, Hoes! 
**Same rules apply as the Titles entry.  Blank emblems will be “?”’s until I know for sure what they are, and mouseovers will tell you how to earn the emblem.  Mouseovers on “?”’s will simply be guesses on my part.  They’ll be displayed here exactly how they’re displayed on each page in-game (minus some shoddy photoshopping by yours truly).  Also, as I said with the Titles…I’ve received help from the blood, sweat, and tears of other CoD forum regulars.  So you know this shit is accurate.  If you haven’t been, I encourage you at least to check it out…especially if you like articulate, informative CoD-based discussion (or, you know…other games have forums too, I guess – weirdos).**
Page 1 (# 1 – 50)
Page 2 (# 51 – 100)
Page 3 (# 101 – 150)
Page 4 (# 151 – 200)
Page 5 (# 201 – 250)
Page 6 (# 251 – 300)
Page 7 (# 301 – 350)
*Some places show a few of the Emblems I’m having trouble placing in certain spots – but without providing the requirements to get them.  So, since that seems like they’re guessing – I’m not going to pass it along as troof, without proof…ya know?