Friday, December 23, 2011

MW3: Titles–get you some.

Merry Christmas COD fans, FPS-junkies, and Bros with Xboxes!  To the best of my knowledge, the most complete listing of MW3 Titles is had by (you guess it) ME!  I searched pretty hard to get as much info as I could on all these hot titles – since I clearly don’t have them all (yet, muahaha) – and while I found a few pretty good places to swipe (and then alter) the background images, and title names, etc., their lists were all fucked up and wrong.
MY list is all pretty and not wrong.  So, basically – the following are all the titles as they’d show up on each of the 25 pages on your screen.  The way I understand it, Wii users have a slightly different set-up (I think y’all have less? or something equally stupid)…and possibly Europeans have a different set-up.  To these two groups, I suggest getting with the program!
Mouse-over the pictures to get the “how-to” on picking up one of these bad boys for yourself.  Also, if I can find a way to squeeze in some bragging on Titles I have already – I’ll probably do that, too (like some sexy All Pro, or Head’s Up!).
I’ll also be posting all the Emblems, as well as helpful hints for completing challenges/getting Titles, information regarding weapons (recoil plots, damage charts, etc.), and even hot-ass trolling of bros/noobs/campers/etc.  When you need a one-stop shop for MW3 know-how, remember: Seth’s got you covered.  When I’m not playing the crap out of MW3, or telling you fine folks about it, I'm discussing it ad nauseum at my home away from home: Game – where we will figure it all out.  (Just FYI, a lot of what I’ll be covering in these blogs will either be something that’s already been discussed on the other side of that link – or is about to get discussed on the other side of that link.  CoD forum is filled with quality gamers/posters and I highly recommend you come check it out)
***Note – the Gun-specific titles have a distinct pattern, so the blank titles between the labeled titles are just speculation.  Also, #404 – Riot Shield fucks the whole thing up; makes me think 401-405 are all concerning the Riot Shield in some strange arrangement of title-images.  The mouseover for pistols and machine pistols still display the requirements for Primary Weapons…that is subject to change (as soon as someone gets a Pistol title).  The “?” spaces have a mouseover, if I have a good guess as to what that title is – but don’t have enough evidence suggesting I’m 100% right (I fucking hate it when dickheads on the interwebs have a “hunch” they try to pass off as fact…).  If it’s a “?” space without a mouseover, that means I haven’t the foggiest idea what goes there.***
Page 1 (#1 – 21)

Page 2 (#22 – 42)

Page 3 (#43 – 63)

Page 4 (#64 - 84)

Page 5 (#85 – 105)

Page 6 (#106 – 126)

Page 7 (#127 – 147)

Page 8 (#148 – 168)

Page 9 (#169 – 189)

Page 10 (#190 – 210)

Page 11 (#211 – 231)

Page 12 (#232 – 252)

Page 13 (#253 – 273)

Page 14 (#274 – 294)

Page 15 (#295 – 315)

Page 16 (#316 – 336)

Page 17 (#337 – 357)

Page 18 (#358 – 378)

Page 19 (#379 – 399)

Page 20 (#400 – 420)

Page 21 (#421 – 441)

Page 22 (#442 – 462)

Page 23 (#463 – 483)

Page 24 (#484 – 504)

Page 25 (#505 – 512)
Ok, that you've had a little time to look this fat list of things you want/need/'s time to check out the Emblems.

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